About our Project

Together we are strength!

Our team of specialists provides any humanitarian assistance to residents of Ukraine and abroad
About our project
Our goals and missions

At present "Lithuania - Ukraine Alliance" is actively working on cooperation between Lithuanian and Ukrainian business, provides support for Ukrainian business in Lithuania and the European Union.

We actively help Ukrainian businesses to find business partners both in Lithuania and the European Union, and Lithuanian entrepreneurs to find promising projects in Ukraine after the end of the war.

Now our project considers it our duty to help Ukrainian business to get the right business communications in Lithuania and EU countries.

"Lithuanian-Ukrainian Alliance" assists in the work of organizing business orders, searching for investors, looking for promising projects in Ukraine and Lithuania, EU countries, which will enable Ukrainian and Lithuanian businesses to find opportunities for joint cooperation and collaboration during the war period, as well as develops prospects for business cooperation after the end of the war in Ukraine.

We invite your company to take part in this initiative and become a member of the Lithuanian Ukrainian Alliance.

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