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Together we are strength!

Our team of specialists provides any humanitarian assistance to residents of Ukraine and abroad
About our project
Our goals and missions

At present "Lithuania - Ukraine Alliance" is actively working on cooperation between Lithuanian and Ukrainian business, provides support for Ukrainian business in Lithuania and the European Union.

We actively help Ukrainian businesses to find business partners both in Lithuania and the European Union, and Lithuanian entrepreneurs to find promising projects in Ukraine after the end of the war.

Our services

We offer you possible cooperation with "Lithuania ir Ukraine Alliance"

Legalization of business
Help and advice
Legalization of Ukrainian business in Lithuania and the EU
Help and advice
Advice in expansion of Ukrainian business or its promotion to Lithuanian and EU markets.
Searching for partners
Help and advice
Search for business partners in Lithuania and the European Union. Search for investors.

Why cooperate with us?
  • 1
    We communicate directly in Ukrainian, Russian, Lithuanian, English, Polish. Our partners know and communicate well in German, Spanish and other EU languages.
  • 2
    Alliance employees are well versed in Ukrainian, Polish, German, Lithuanian, Latvian, Latvian, Russian, English, Spanish, Indian, Finnish business specifics and mentality.
  • 3
    Our prices are much lower and more competitive than in other EU countries, and the quality of services is much better and fully meets the expectations of Ukrainian entrepreneurs.
  • 4
    Experience of doing business for more than 30 years in the international market in the former CIS countries, as well as such countries as - Ukraine, Germany, Poland, England, the Baltic States, Finland, India, Spain and other EU countries.

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What steps does the work consist of?
You leave a request and we discuss the progress of the work
Proposal preparation
On the same day, we do the initial proposal preparation
Contract signing
We prepare a contract with you based on your needs
Project work
We utilize all of our resource to achieve our goals